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Day 10...

Day 10…

We haven’t spoken in years. I mean, about some real shit, in YEARS. It’s very generic. I guess…I know it’s my fear of what you’ll think of me. You know, your facial expressions say what you mean the best. The assumption of disappointment or shock brings fear. Man, I wish I could tell you everything! Have a ‘sista-girl’ moment, you know what I mean?

*Sigh* However, there are a few things that prevent me from being forward with you. Although it would be easy for me to point the finger, I will say that the reason why I won’t is all because of me…

It's much easier to get thru this by blurting out what's next but I won't so, bear with me. Be patient with me. For once. Be understanding. Be listening without immediate judgement. Be able to know when to give a shit! And, be able to know the difference between jokes and the serious things- even if they are minuscule to you and your vastly diminishing bubble.

I write this with the sincerest respect. And Love.


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