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Fun Facts...

Fun Facts I've learned along the way. Mostly in 2009-2010 because now, I have more time to focus on life around me.

1- Helping people help themselves is a win.

2- Don't be so consumed with the future. Keep your feet firmly on the ground you're walking now.

3- No one. I mean NOBODY, is a mind reader. Always ask questions and retain answers.

4- The thing that I cannot ever control is you.

5- Same goes for me.

6- Speak your profession into existence. And make sure it's the one you're destined to do.
*For example, I am B.Fly. The Singer, Writer, World-renowned Artist.
*No one can tell me different.

7- It's okay to doubt, just don't doubt yourself into failure.

8- For goodness sake, you're human. Stop trying to be perfect!

9- The only way you can please everyone else is by pleasing yourself FIRST and ONLY.

10- Having a big heart and not getting taken advantage of IS possible. It's okay to love and respect one another.

Yall can thank me later ;)

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