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We all have them.
The beauty of these things, these gifts.
The unfortunate thing about gifts? We do not know their power.
So we suppress.
We second guess.
We hurt.
We lack the vulnerability and, in turn, lack the self- worth.
Watch our gifts get pushed to the back like a curse.
Some tangible, most God-given and one of many on your birthright list.


We know exactly what we do, and never care.

Do you know the gifts that you posses?
The beauty of them?
Do you use them for hurt and pain?
Or uplifting with humility?
Do you take your gifts for granted?
Do you know of the seeds that your gifts have already planted?
Are they rooted in the healthiest, abundantly wealthiest soil for them?
Do you nurture?
Do you allow these gifts to wither away through time?

What if Lena, or Teddy, or Micheal decided that their gifts weren't for the world to hear, feel, share?
What if your Guardian decided that their soil, their foundation, belonged elsewhere?
What if you decide and say,

"Today is the day I let the world see! Today is the day I stop hiding these gifts from me."


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