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The Motivation for Me...

"The motivation for me? Is them tellin' me, what I could not be..."

Is them tellin' me what I could not see,
What I thought i saw,
what they told me wasn't there

Should i care?
when your actions don't say what your words can prepare?

Keep your plate of vicious lies,
Sides of deceit,
Twisted words,
Of heat and cheap cheats
And I'll pass on dessert
For what its worth,
The aperitif wasn't all that bad...
It burned going down
Cuz the instinct settled in.
The word vomit came out,
Then under the table you went BUT,
You didn't duck fast enough!

You must didn't hear me when i said i was tough, huh?
And I aim to please me,
So when I aim,
I please ME...

Plates and silverware to your door
Cuz your eyes,
your windows,
been cloudy from the start,
So this glass I'm raising goes straight to the heart...

Because that's where I feel it
When I motivated to hate this
When I'm motivated to look past the lies and the fake shit,
Listen to your logic and basis,
To see that it all was baseless...
Especially when you can't follow your own motto of:
"Handle it"


The "motivation" for ME, is YOU tellin' ME what I could not be,
What I could not see,
What I already saw
When you hit "delete"...

Oh well.

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