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It's My Birthday...(For My Mommy)

Go, go....GO Shawty, It's my Birthday!!
I'm gon party like,
It's my birthday,
Cuz, duh...?
I was born this day.
And to be made this way, this day?
Ha, no way God placed this talented, semi-timid, beautiful womb...
In the hands of a nurturer whose beauty bloomed even more after having two.

Damn, my Mama B.A.D.
Not because she had me.
But because she kept together,
After me.
Before me.
During me.

And without her?
There would be no Tiffany.

So this day is dedicated to her.
To the woman that prayed, cried, loved and,
Gave me her last P.B.&J.

I Love You.

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