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In a funk

But I don’t give a fuck

And I don’t give a what

The fuck are you talking about

This time. The broken record.

The choices I make are for protection.

My naiveté shows me the wrong direction.

And I’m hurt.

I’m angry.

I’m pissed and you can’t measure

You busy worrying about pleasure

The gift I give. No pressure.

Personal goals that I continuously fold on

The stress from her

For them

From it

From me

From him

Unnecessary because he lets me know daily that

He don’t care that much.

Whose glasses are rosier?

Whose glass is overflowing?

I’m half full. Realistically in us.

The others a bust in my mind, b.s.

There is no unless. No options to fail.

Perfectionist in a chubby body.

Perfectionist unemployed.

Perfectionist pressured.

Perfectionist changing without trying

And growing sans the lying

And still not being believed by the mass that is he

That’s all that matters in the perfectionist that is me.

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