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Foundation is KEY.
Foundation IS key.

These 3 words are going around and around in my head as I attempt to breakdown a track that I just wrote. A track that, made SO much sense on paper but, makes no sense in SONAR...

So. Where do I begin? With the foundation, of course!! *cue sarcasm* duuuuhhhh... *end sarcasm*

When I write, its organic. No structure. Just the music and a special melody I hum until the words stick to the brain, then flow to the paper.

Before I get into the thing that makes me go 'hmmm' let me just say that, writing is easy. Singing is a breeze. Putting the two together however, is not. Think about this:

The first thing any songwriter will tell you is to, "step outside of yourself and let go." Then they'll turn around and say, "Every great song has a structure..."

*blank stare*

My tidbit for the day. As you were.

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