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Day 4...

To My Sister-

I took sound advice from someone the other day, that led me to believe that, your words were not from a place where hurt resides. They are from a place where you care enough not to sugar- coat. I am supposedly 'overreacting', when the 'fat bitch' phrase is thrown around because, you care so very dearly about my health and well-being...

Let me not get too sarcastic. I'd still put my life on the line for you. Ans, all the years of my admiration still won't equal the future days of bragging rights I feel I'm entitled to. To say my sister is a children's Nurse, A mother of 2 beautiful children, a safe sex advocate, public speaker, and literary junkie, makes me feel like there's a Nobel Peace Prize winner in my presence!

All I want to say? I love you. I still look up to you. You still are my everything sister. You're the only one I've got and, thats no punishment to me. One day, you'll see that I'm no burden either.


Your Baby Sister

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