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Into the Night...

Into the Night.
He rides.

He rides.

Car waxed so right that you could see the night off the paint.
Red-coated, like the passion.
The fire inside him.
Skyline glaring back at you, he looks in his rear view...

Rides thru the night,
Stars so bright reflecting off the eyes of him.
Steps out the car, 6 foot god that Rome missed out on,
But Babylon appreciates his craft...

Gets to the club to see the people dancing to his beats.
They're hypnotized by the sound.
They have no clue that he's the man who plans the chords just right,
with just one press,
an ear, wrapped so tight around the melody...

But all we see is the DJ, spin in order, blinded by the flashing lights...

So, he steps out, and rides back into the night.

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