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Day 7...

Day 7 is to the Ex.

While it's easy to place blame for how my life is currently shaped, I won't. Because you're no longer apart of it...

However, I will say that the aftermath of 9 years has not been pleasant. I mean, damn! I've been alone, involved, happy, sad; and through all these stages in life, I've managed to blame myself completely. Clearly there were two people involved and clearly, both of those people had issues that we couldn't overlook.

As selfish as it may sound, I no longer care about you. That's my way of dealing. The disadvantage(s) of that mentality has adversely affected current relationships. By relationships, I mean intimate and otherwise. Relationships dealing with my family, friends and the significant other.

But I'm still not mad with you. I still can't wrap my logic around what others think should be the definition of blame. We're adults, and we must deal with life and the way it has come to be. I refuse to use our past as a crutch because all that matters is today and tomorrow.

I wish you the best in yours, Sincerely.

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