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Bragging Rights...

On June 8th, I met with the most amazing TEACHER in my life. I hadn't seen or heard Ms. Frazier in over 10 years yet, when she requested to hear me sing, I felt like a student of hers, all over again...

"That control...your voice is rich! It was rich before but, wow, how you have grown..."

She brought tears to my eyes.

I had told her about my journey into music. My inner struggles with trying to suppress it. She knew that wasn't what was meant to be. And, even after telling her I had completely stopped to the point where people who have known me for years, didn't know I even had a voice. She knew of my gift before I even had an idea of what I was taking for granted.

She assured me that, all singers are self-critical. We should be.

She listened to my youtube videos as they took her breath away. My originals, my acapella's and, through all this, she told me I was MORE than a singer. I was, I AM VOCAL ARTISTRY.


"It feels so good when students like you come back and tell me. "Thank You", you have made my day!"

For all those that know me, Ms Frazier is THE ONLY teacher that I speak of in such high regard. She yelled, taunted, pushed, teased, and praised, all in perfect measure. She has a magical ear and knows what potential one can have if they just push.

And for that, I will always love her.

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