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Rapper In My Mind...

I swear, I'm a rapper. In my head only. Ask anybody who knows me, anytime a Jay lyric flows thru a speaker, I'm up, rhyming, mannerisms, the best that ever did it.

Well, a couple of days ago, I wrote one of my infamous raps that never gets heard. And for once, I let someone hear it.

Shocked, surprised, and slightly appalled, my Producer had no idea that I could come up with what I did. For the obvious reason that, I would never let anyone else hear it...:)

SIDENOTE: My Producer is FAR from an "ego-booster". He tells me my shit is crap when it is and, when I need to go even harder...

With that said, I gots me some courage, and another CREDIBLE ear, I think I'll actually record it!

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