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"The World, Craig..."

My stage name is Morgan Monet. Subject to change, I'm leaning towards BFly. Its easier to remember and, I'm called that more than my real name.

I'm from Philadelphia. Product of the magnet school system. Product of the Arts. The culture of music is in me. Like, part of my DNA however, I decided to 'pursue' a degree in International Business in College...*crickets*

Now that I've mastered the art of pleasing my folks and, after being fired from a job I held for 4 years, I know that I'm ready to do what I want to do. I want my life's plan to be my own. So that I can either take the credit, or the fall...seems simple, right?

Wrong. I'm shaking in my boots!! *insert light laughter*

Seriously? A whole lot of people are afraid. They think job 'security' is the way to go. Now, I don't know if thy have stepped outside lately but, now more than ever, i see men and women with PhD's sleeping on the streets. If that's the definition of job security, Ill pass...

I'm thinking now, I might as well do what I've always wanted. Nothing occupying my time or energy. Nothing stressing me. My only worry is how to convey my thoughts into beautiful music for the entire world to hear.

Yes, I want the ENTIRE world to listen.

One of my new favorite quotes, thanks to my best friend comes from Friday After Next:

"The world, Craig..."

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