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The Truth...

The truth is, we killin' our kids.
Babies been having babies for a couple of years.

Street wars, gang violence and a couple of beers...

My job is gone
My money is too now, tell me Obama,
What am I gonna do?

And the Heartland. What I can't understand is,
How we let them take the fabric from our land...

The cars, the clothes, the technology.
But we still call America free.

Citizens labeled refugees,
After they built this country?
It's okay to call her your maid when $2.00 an hour was all you had to pay...

Still sending kids, who have no idea, to a war created by fear.

And, we watch TV and all we see is,

Celebs in rehab and faces like me up on a t-shirt.

And a mama like mine with tears in her eyes 'cause a brother like mine who thought he had the time, to make it better here...

And I fear.

The end is near.

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