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Day 5...

Dear Dreams-

You're getting stronger and much clearer each day. Some people may think I'm crazy for investing so much importance in my dreams but, there's no explanation needed when you reveal so much truth...

Like, when last August, I had a dream a Lion was attacking my territory? I got fired 2 days later.

Or when I dreamt that a woman was taking the time of a person I love so dearly? Yep, she was and still is...

How about another! When I had the dream where I was writing a song, and two days later, a producer called me and asked me to record some original music...

I don't give you all the credit tho, my dear Dreams. All of it really is linked to my spirituality and confidence in God. You see, without that link, I don't believe that you would be so vivid. I don't believe that names, places and perfect detail would even come to me.

The other day, I had a dream that I was yelling, but no one heard me. I knew then that, yelling, screaming, repeating words in vain was just a waste of my energy and, a lost of creative strength and valuable time.

So today, I blog. This serves many purposes in my life and I couldn't be happier for it. :)

The advantage? I'm closer to God. I have a better understanding of me and my goals in life. I know what b.s. I will not take. I know that I can't get a grasp of my circumstances if I'm always talking and not listening.

The only disadvantage is that I don't take heed until its too late. That's just sometimes. I may not see whats right in front of me until it hurts too deep. Dreams, you're teaching me to follow and trust my instincts. And believe what is being shown to me. What's right in front of my face.

Many Thanks-


P.S.: Some people may think it's crazy. They just don't believe. And, you know what? It's not for them to believe however, In due time, they will see.

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