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What Is Love...

What does love feel like?

Is it silk, satin or, cashmere with lace trim?

Wool, rayon, pleather or, crushed velvet? In triple-digit

Is it a polyester spandex blend, that hugs you tight in all the right places, all while making you sweat with frustration because, its not a gentle embrace?

There are many analogies I can use.

I know. I mean, deep down in my gut and in my heart, that love is simple!! It's one of the easiest things we have on the planet yet, we make it SO hard. Damn. Why??

When I see people holding hands down the street, I smile. Because I know that possibly 5 minutes before they stepped out, that may have had a petty disagreement. But love, true love, knows how to communicate. Often without saying a single word.

Love is your favorite fabric, drink, food, person, happy-place. No one man or woman should be deprived.

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