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4th Quarter...

Earlier today, I was on twitter (@bflybelton) and I tweeted:

"4th quarter. Are you tying up loose ends or, are you just getting started??"

Well, what's your answer?

Are you still talking about the same goals you wanted to reach back in January, February, March...?


Are you acting on those words? Have you completed the goal?

Personally, my goals have become more concrete and realistic with time. This comes from a great deal of work, sweat, tears...and swift kicks in the ego. (yall know who you are. cant thank you enough!)

It also comes from watching others. The ones that push pride to the side. The ones that burn bridges. I've seen it all, simply because I found my patience to watch and learn...

The 4th Quarter is 30 days away. Have you done, reached, accomplished? Are you close? Or are you still talking?

I'm confident that my 4th Quarter is abundant. I have no fear. Let's get it!!

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