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Her Love...

With arms outstretched, she reaches for me.
The warmest, most tender yet strongest embrace that anyone can ever experience.

And she shares it with us all. No one feels less-than in her presence.
No judgement, because she knows that God takes care of that.

Those hands that taught me to sew.
Taught us to rejoice in church pews.
Taught us all to put our palms together, every night, and pray...

The voice that chided my mischievous deeds.
The same voice I looked forward to speaking to, every Spring .
The same sweet voice that knew my name with her eyes closed, even in her last days...

She succeeded. God's plan is filled with love, and she gave it. She became a best friend to the most innocent and, that can never be forgotten.

Oh, I will always miss you, Grandmom.

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