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It's Official!!..

This Spring has been amazing thus far!

I have been offered to work on I Double L's album (again), artist Mike Shyne, E.T. The producer, Musically Gifted, Jeeta, Jane Doe and, Joseph Hallman's projects!

DJ Drops keep coming in as well! If you're interested in a drop from me, send me an email to

My business partner and I have officially started Over Time Grind Productions, LLC! Check our site HERE

We have officially 3 major sites that I'm SURE you'll love:, and,

Over Time Grind is also responsible for twitter marketing and promotions to help your business/career become and stay global!

Last, but not least, my mixtape, Just My Thoughts is still in creation!!

This is only the beginning, friends. I have gained such an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life right now, it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Hard work, dedication and consistency DOES pay off. STAY TUNED!!


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