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Day 9...

I'm back to my 30 days of writing. Yes, this WILL get completed! Because it's been so long and most of my new readers aren't aware of the project, here is the link Why not give it a try yourself? You'll open up, release some emotions and finally close some doors. I did all that so far and, I'm only on day 9! So, here we go...

Dear PRN,

Truly, I adore you!
If I could meet you, I’d probably be speechless!
You’re amazing to me. I’d be breathless...
And when the time comes, because I know it will, I will have to put my game face on.
Enamored, I am, of you.
Excessive, I know.
But your talent excites me and, if I was half as expressive as you still are, I’d be the most confident creature on the planet!

Your privacy in the spotlight.
Your timid demeanor off the stage.
Your presence when you're on.
All these gifts you have down to a complete science. These gifts I admire the most...

So, until I find that mental space you will continue to move and motivate me to be great.



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