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Day 6...

You may know me.
I don't know you yet.

But I feel we've met long ago.
No past life flow. No silly reincarnated stories of anguish.
See, you're a stranger to me and, no stranger words have been said- you are who I see.

In my thoughts
In my dreams
In my mirror
You succeed to make yourself known.
To look right thru me.

And as much as I try to deny who you are
My eyes are your eyes
We share the same soul.

I haven't tapped into the beauty that is you. I know.
So day after day,I make it a goal.
To get up, and get into who you are.
Our gaze intertwined.
No longer feeling forced.
No longer deemed lazy, or running, or weak...

I laugh and I cry and I smile.
And I stare.
Hypnotized because you are a reflection of who I can be!
Who I am becoming...

I stare. In awe.
Knowing that people go thru their entire lives not seeing their stranger.
I know I'm blessed.
Refuse to second guess.
Sometimes question, why I let me become the stranger.

And when I no longer see you as the stranger pieces of me is the day we finally meet.

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