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You Love Me...

I bore easily.

But when it comes to you,
there is something not-so-new,
that takes over me.
I can't explain
the unthinkable strain you have over me.
Never do I ever want you to let go of me.

Your words, they flow deep and it is thru me
That I will express all the love you have given me,
You see my Music, it comforts me
In ways that I never knew it could for me.

And before I discovered it,
it discovered me.
As I sit with this impromptu blog,
aka, my lyrically melody,
Under the dark blue sky,
the streetlights blinding me.
I let my fingers walk across the keyboard gently...
My mind, infinitely in your grasp and
this is how you've continuously treated me!

So as I write thee,
I'm taking out the time
to appreciate you loving me.
I know my music loves me.
Because there is no place in this world
that you would not take me!

And all you've ever asked was for me to be me.
And thru you I can be complete.

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