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Day 1...

Day 1:

Dear Best Friend-

Let me count the ways that make you just that. Oh wait, I can’t measure why, you’ve just always been. Since the day I was born, you made a promise to me that, even if I didn’t return the love, you would always be there for me.

Even when we weren’t speaking I could call for a cry. You’d give me advice. Sometimes words I didn’t like. And even when you rang my phone to let tears go, I was there too. It wasn’t even near reciprocation. Nothing I can do can even compare to what you have already done. Even after I realized the world was bigger than me, you still allowed me to think that I was the most beautiful girl in the entire world.

And why are we able to bond like we do? I mean, for real, we’re WAAAYYY past the “nurturing” stages.

I’m certain you already know that though. It’s your nature that I now need. That know-how to make it, day-by-day. That energy, the strength to know when to say when. The inherent instincts that only a woman can possess. The ability to love. And forgive. The blueprint of discipline and perseverance. The one thing that I can’t understand though: why did you compensate with gifts? A good conversation, a gentle touch, a sweet hug or a kiss would have made my day better than any material possession I owned.

I realize now, that you didn’t know any other way because you weren’t shown any other way. I know it’s selfish that I still feel bitter but, I see myself becoming you. Everything else would be an honor to duplicate. But compensation is ruining my relationships and, by the time I figure it out, it’s often too late. No fault of yours, just letting my bestie know… ;)

And yet, you still managed to be the best damned Mother in the entire world. How? How did you pull it off? How are you still able to give me encouraging words followed by the meanest side-eye?

I pray to one day have your strength.

I pray to one day have your humility.

I pray to one day have your consistency.

I pray to one day have your compassion.

I pray to be as steadfast as you still are.

Until then, I will continue to be your biggest fan- The Princess looking up to her Queen.

Sincerely, Your Baby.

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