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Past The Surface...

My loves manic manipulation,
Controlling anger and frustration...

Leads to my hate and defeat.
That's how I feel when you're not with me.

You cant be serious? That there's no listening existing?
I can take better that
We have a problem co-habitating.
And even that's hazy...
This shit is really crazy.
My head is aching
So I stay awake all night lately
"Stay busy", "Stay Busy"
Music making...

Fear that the snakes and broads will start to bite
The yes men
The okay girls
In plain sight
I just might
Not give a damn
In due time
But that's not apart of my plan. In my mind.
In my feelings...

I'm supposed to feel this,
Cuz these tears harvest my growth
And the flowers bloom in Spring
But in Summer, your hiatus
But remember in that Fall I fell,
I saw something promising
That even if the title changed like seasons,
I had a friend who knew my reasons
for loving, and living carefree
So that My Love could see past surfaces seas
That there's more to life than hurting.

Ultimately, my Love, and his manipulation bursting from the seams seems to trump his love for me.

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