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Day 3...

Day 3:

Dear Parents-

You two, individually are awesome. As a unit, you meant well. I don’t mean to sound cold but we all know by now, it just is what it is.

I cant say that this letter will be loving. Not at all. In a matter-of-fact way, this letter will simply display that product that you both are responsible for. The goal that you both vowed for, under God. The test that you both have failed.

And then, in your self-centered agreement, you bought children into the equation and, taught them the exact way not to do it. So…

Who do we look up to?

Who do we ask, which way to go?

What kind of Mother to be?

What kind of man is an ideal candidate to be the Father and Husband to the unit that we are meant to create?

You both are selfish. But I can’t blame you but so much. At 28, I should have been able to figure out the mess made by now, right?

I know these questions will be answered with, “Well, we can’t turn back time…” so, I just don’t ask them anymore. I often catch myself, taking it out on my significant other and, ultimately causing a relationship to struggle. But, I’m not the only one and, you are not the only parents to blame. There are tons like you, who sought something that they THOUGHT was the dream. Not having a blueprint yourselves, you just continued the domino effect.

So, a generation is teaching itself how to love, honor, cherish and obey. Simple rules, crafted for the selfless…

Simple rules that, immature definitions of love couldn't possibly follow…

The cycle. It stops. Right here. Right now.

Sincerely, Your Child

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